LED Flame Light Bulb with Gravity Sensor

LED Flame Light Bulb with Gravity Sensor

£17.99 £35.99
£17.99 £35.99

💡Achieve that warm and cozy ambiance

in any part of your home!🏠

This LED Flame Effect Light Bulb creates a romantic and relaxing mood that will ease any stress after a long day! Perfect for places with antique classic style like church, castle, bedroom, living room, bar, hotel, outdoor gardens, villas, wedding decorations, party, etc. Many people are buying this for Halloween to put inside their pumpkins, as garage wall lanterns, and for backyard gardens. It’s energy efficient, too, so you’ll save on your electric bill.


  • Precise color, close to the color of a real flame
  • It is the perfect alternative to a traditional candle.
  • The flickering flame will give your home a cozy feel in winter without the danger of an open flame. 
  • Decorate your house for the coming Christmas Day, Halloween and other special occasions
  • You could recommend them this Fire Flame Effect Light Bulb or send them this flame bulb
  • As a gift, as we have a variety of colors to choose from such as; pink, blue & orange options.


  • Wattage: 5 watts
  • Voltage: AC 85-265 V
  • Lifetime: 50000 hrs+
  • Lumens: 700 LM
  • Color temperature: 1500 K (True Fire color)
  • Gravity Sensor - Auto switches the fire direction upside down.
  • Beam Angle: 360 Degrees
  • Modes: Flame Emulation Mode / General Light Mode / Breathing Mode
  • Material: PC / PP
  •  Size: 13.5*6 (cm)

ğŸŽPackage Includes:

  • 1*LED Flame Light Bulb with Gravity Sensor


Check following images to identify your bulb base. And select your base type.

Q: Are E26 and E27 light bulb bases interchangeable?
Yes. The E26 is the standard 120 Volt American base. The E27 is the European variant and is rated at 220 Volts. However, an E27 bulb can fit in the E26 base without a problem. The sockets/bulbs are interchangeable except for the voltage rating. Therefore, LED E27 bulbs that are universal line-voltage can be used in both E26 and E27 sockets.

Q: Are this bulb will work upside down?
Yes. Our LED Flame Light Bulb with Gravity Sensor will come with Gravity Sensor. It will auto switch the fire direction upside down.