MVSTU™ Double Sided High Pressure Shower Head

MVSTU™ Double Sided High Pressure Shower Head

£14.99 £29.99
£14.99 £29.99

🛀Double Sided High Pressure Shower Head

Bring the whole new showering and bathing experience!


  • High quality material: This universal shower head is made of high quality ABS, good flexibility, acid-proof, healthy and durable.

  • Universal:Can be used with most showers, suitable for any standard overhead shower arm.

  • Multi function:With double-sided operation and 3 adjustable modes: shower, SPA, OFF. Tilt to the left is the shower mode, right SPA mode, in the middle off.

  • Removable design: Built-in medical stone that effectively filters impurities in the water. Bathing is safer. Removable shower head for capacity 25ml shampoo fills.

  • Easy to install: connects in a few minutes without tools, all connections are tightened by hand. Here you can install the shower head and screw it free as in a light bulb yourself.


  • Material: Technical ABS

  • Size:91 mm * 247 mm

  • Interface:diameter about 2 cm

  • Weight:approx. 164 g

  • Function:Three-speed adjustment, panel with switches


1 x Double Sided High Pressure Shower Head