haloera™ Summer New Magic Ice Cup

haloera™ Summer New Magic Ice Cup

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£19.99 £39.99

🍉Summer New Magic Ice Cup🍉

🍋Freeze, squeeze, enjoy!🍋

🍧FROZEN MAGIC Cup:just put it in the freezer overnight (4 to 6 hours), change the drink into a shar Charity sherbet cup "Frozen Magic" new appearance! A soft cup made of silicon two-layer structure is finished with just 1 to 2 minutes of pinch, and frozen links are completed! It is an easy task to do pinch, so even small children can make their own dessert.??

  • 1. Freeze: take me home and put me straight in the freezer
  • 2. Fill: I can make soda slushies, juice slushies or Thick shakes. You choose the drink you want to make into a slushy
  • 3. Squeeze: those magic Hands of yours are going to turn liquid into a frozen treat
  • 4. Enjoy: scrape it, slurp it, scoop it, enjoy it
  • 5.Make a slushy or Slurpee at home - works with juices, dairy products, dairy substitutes, carbonated drinks, sugar-free drinks, and up to 10% alcohol


  • 1.Remove the cap of the ice sand cup, then put the ice sand cup in the refrigerator freezer for 4-6 hours until it condenses into ice (make sure the ice bag freezes into solid).
  • 2.Pour the prepared ingredients into an ice sand cup and mix
  • 3.Keep pressing the ice sand cup with both hands, and within a minute, your own ice sand will be ready.


✨Product size:upper diameter: 10.5cm bottom diameter: 6cm height: 21cm

✨Maximum temperature: 60 degrees

✨Minimum temperature:minus 30 degrees

✨Capacity:300ml (using maximum capacity 210ml)

✨Material:Silicon · TPU · Cup cover / PE · Fixing ring · Spoon / PP, Set contents: Silicon cup · Coolant · Top cover Straw spoon, depending on the type of drink (high frequency alcohol, etc.), there are times when it does not become a complete frozen. 


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