Optical Image Drawing Board

Optical Image Drawing Board

£29.99 £59.98
£29.99 £59.98

🎨Express Yourself🎨

Bring images from your device onto paper! Simply project a digital image to a drawing, painting or any other medium using our Optical image drawing board!


  • By using drawing board, you are in full control of what you draw, how you draw, and when you draw it
  • Art is and should be a way to showcase your creativity through different artworks and designs
  • Our drawing board allows you to truly express your passions and desires, as you are given the opportunity to draw anything and everything you want
  • Art is an important aspect in developing creative minds, and should be easily accessible to everyone. both kids and adults can use it with ease.


  • Size: 24.8*17.6cm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Material: plastic


  • Insert your phone to the top of the holding rack.
  • Place the mirror below in the given indent. 
  • Choose an image you'd like to draw on your phone
  • Insert paper or another material below the mirror, and start tracing

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